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The loft space of deworkacy is split into several areas providing a comfortable environment for individual and team activities. Pick the option that suits you best:

  • fixed spaces
  • flexible spaces
  • mini offices
  • premium offices and one-man offices

Deworkacy hosts the most prominent corporate, cultural and tech events. Let our team arrange your presentations and conferences, executive breakfasts and hackathons. We'll draft a script of your event and arrange its technical and communications setup.

Do what you love, let us take care for operational issues. Deworkacy offers a full range of business services.



Deworkacy is designed for the young and ambitious. It breaks the mold of boring office routine by organizing a creative environment for co-working, meetings, lectures and presentations.

Deworkacy is a gathering spot for like-minded people. We guarantee you nice coworkers and useful communication partners. We help your business grow. We provide full immersion in the working environment and an excellent opportunity to share insights and ideas with kindred spirits.




6/3, Bersenevskaya emb. 6th floor
1700 м²

Deworkacy's flagship site is located in the center of Moscow, in the heart of Red October Creative Cluster. The brick-and-mortar loft (1700 square meters) occupies the sixth floor of a former chocolate factory built in the 19th century. The site was designed by Sundukovy Sisters, a Moscow design and architecture studio, together with Maeutica Branding Agency. The project has perfect interior ergonomics; the open space is divided into several functional areas: a coworking area, offices, meeting rooms, a library, two lecture auditoriums, and a conference hall.


500 м²

Deworkacy Известия - это площадка созидающего слова. Расположенная в здании бывшей редакции газеты «Известия» площадка открывает свои двери для технологических предпринимателей, создающих новые медиа и проекты в сфере рекламных технологий. В этих стенах творили люди, которые вдохновляли миллионы на личные и общечеловеческие свершения, подвиги, открытия. Deworkacy Известия станут домом для таких людей современности.



Большая Полянка, 2/10, стр. 1
2550 м²

Corporate Innovations Hub - крупнейшая в России (и в Москве, в частности) площадка для пилотирования инструментов корпоративных инноваций. Это третья площадка сети деловых пространств Deworkacy (после Deworkacy Красный Октябрь и Deworkacy Известия) для диалога бизнеса, города, технологических предпринимателей и инвесторов.  Corporate Innovations Hub расположен в центре Москвы, в районе Замоскворечье, в старинном особняке XVIII века, окна которого выходят на Кремль, в 3-х минутах от м. Полянка.

Резиденты / Клиенты

Venture capital fund for early stage startups

Big Picture

Makes hype

Juicy Score

Seamless Online Identification and Fraud Prevention Services

Global distribution system for live entertainment industry

Prosto Catering

Catering service company


A finance lead generation service for car dealers and car manufacturers


SaaS platform for car dealers


The only appointment scheduling system for the health and beauty industries that optimizes revenues

The Insider

An online newspaper dedicated to investigative journalism as well as political and economic analysis


A new market place for currency exchange


New generation digital assets

Turbo Parser


Independent media on business & technologies, as well as event organizer and developer services for entrepreneurs and investors


The largest mobile operator in Russia

VTB 24

Offer a wide range of banking services and products for individuals


The Russian Association for Electronic Communications

Alfa Bank

Alfa Banking Group offers a wide range of products and operates in all sectors of the financial market


Multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations


The Russian government’s fund of funds and the development institute of the Russian Federation


National Research University Higher School of Economics


Internet Development Institute

Raiffeisen Bank

Offers a full range of services to retail and corporate customers, both resident and non-resident

German chemical and consumer goods company


State-owned Russian banking and financial services company